a film by Tobias Müller


His curiosity awakened by troubled letters from a friend working at Bánffy Castle, a psychiatric clinic in rural Romania, director Tobias Müller sets out to explore life at the Castle for himself, hoping to find at least some happiness, smiling faces, minor triumphs and, most of all, people who are able to value life’s little pleasures. He meets the inhabitants of Bánffy Castle, its “princes” and “princesses:” Enneke, the young woman with a sparkle in her eye, Günther, a broken-legged footballer with theories about populated planets, and lovely Rosi, with her red hat and dislike of pills. He discovers lives that, in some ways, mirror his own, with everyday routine punctuated by petty squabbles, laughter, illness, friendship, loss, even the occasional party. But the effects of poverty and mental illness remain devastating; nothing can explain the perpetual cycle of misery, madness and death.

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