a film by Tobias Müller


Bánffy Castle - Documentary [2004, S16mm, 43min]
The curse of Baroness Bánffy still weighs heavily on her castle and on the souls of its inhabitants. A documentary about a psychiatric clinic in rural Rumania.
Sopiro [Longing] - Experimental Documentary [2004, Super8, 18min]
17 people from all over the world film themselves with Super 8 cameras and explore their heart’s desires.
Narrow Horizons - Short Film [2003, 16mm, 16min]
A mentally handicapped girl finds herself, and her first love.
Children of the Crown - Short Film [2002, DV-Cam, 8min]
An elderly couple reignites forbidden love, but it is too late.
Steel - Documentary [2001, DV, 5min]
Just into retirement, death means a life of solitude for the one left behind. The hope of growing old together is shattered.
Umbilical Cord - Documentary [2001, DV, 10min]
Shortly after her birth, Annika’s mother falls seriously ill and slips into a coma. Her father must take on the responsibility of bringing up two children, but when his wife dies, his children are all he has left to fall back on.

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